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Vitamin B12 deficiency: Painful and uncomfortable signs on the body warning of low levels

Low Vitamin B12 and low iron levels are causes of anaemia. Anaemia is when you do not have enough healthy red blood cells to carry the oxygen you need around your body. When anaemia first develops, symptoms can be loss of appetite, constipation, headaches, irritability and difficulty concentrating. Another major indicator that your B12 levels… Read More »

Fauci points to Covid surge in Europe as warning against lifting U.S. restrictions right now

WASHINGTON – White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci warned state leaders on Sunday that the nation’s battle with the coronavirus is still “not in the end zone,” and urged Americans to adhere to public health measures as Europeans experience new infection spikes. “When I hear pulling back completely on public health measures, saying no… Read More »

Fatty liver disease symptoms: Three visible warning signs on your skin – what to look for

Fatty liver disease means you have excess fat in your liver. Curiously, fat build-up is typically caused by drinking too much alcohol but this is not the case if you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is linked to chronic disease markers, such as type 2 diabetes. If left untreated, NAFLD can progress to… Read More »

Coronavirus WARNING: New figures show COVID-19 has 23 times higher death rate than the flu

Coronavirus is a contagious infection that has spread across 50 countries and all continents except Antarctica so far. Fifteen cases have been confirmed in the UK, with health officials expecting more in the coming weeks. In some places coronavirus has proven deadly, but is the virus more deadly than the flu? The WHO’s latest figures… Read More »

Type 2 diabetes symptoms: How often do you go to the toilet? Warning sign of condition

People with diabetes will also need to make some lifestyle changes to manage their blood sugar level. The NHS recommends eating a healthy diet, keeping active and controlling your weight. When it comes to diet, the health body advises: “There’s nothing you cannot eat if you have type 2 diabetes, but you’ll have to limit… Read More »