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California halts shared COVID-19 vaccine codes system after misuse

California is revamping its plan to help essential workers and seniors in underserved communities get coronavirus vaccinations after officials learned that appointment access codes were leaked to people who were not eligible for the shots. The move comes as the state of 40 million people is striving to prioritize vaccinating the most vulnerable, including low-income,… Read More »

Fears of anti-vaxx fights over vaccine

Overseas, employers are already lining up to insert “no jab, no job” clauses in employment contracts. But here in Australia legal experts warn it’s a minefield with the prospect of ugly disputes with anti-vaxxers looming in workplaces across the country. Both employers and service providers must comply with anti-discrimination laws and some workers may be… Read More »

Grim reality of COVID-19 vaccine

As countries like the United States and Britain grapple with spiralling coronavirus case numbers, the World Health Organisation has warned the vaccines are unlikely to prevent one of the biggest problems with the virus. Despite the rollout of vaccine programs being hailed as the only way out of the coronavirus pandemic, top health officials have… Read More »

Things you should think about when you hear “vaccine by end of the year”

On July 27, 2020, the Washington Post reported, Two coronavirus vaccines begin the last phase of testing: 30,000-person trials, wrapping it in historical terms: Getty Images At 6:45 a.m. Monday, a volunteer in Savannah, Ga., received a shot in the arm and became the first participant in a massive human experiment that will test the effectiveness of… Read More »