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talkhealth gains PIF TICK accreditation for 2 years running!

We are pleased to announce that talkhealth has been awarded the PIF TICK accrediation for trustworthy health information for the second year running. This accolade shows our constant dedication to providing our members with up-to-date, trustworthy and reliable health information.  We are delighted to have our certification renewed and sit alongside the cornerstones of British… Read More »

Running Calorie Calculator

Interval training burns more calories than steady paced moderate intensity exercises A review of studies has suggested that a mixture of various types of intense exercises interrupted with brief recovery periods can help individuals lose more weight compared to steady paced activity on an exercise bike or treadmill. Data was examined from 41 studies in… Read More »

Do This to Improve Your Running Endurance

Do This to Improve Your Running Endurance Do This to Improve Your Running Endurance : Running endurance is very important if you want to increase the distance of your runs and achieve higher athletic results in shorter periods. More endurance will help you to lose weight faster and to avoid feeling exhausted states after long runs.… Read More »