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How to read between the lines of the healthcare data blocking debate

About a year ago, the Department of Health and Human Services first proposed rules to promote sharing and the interoperability of health data to enable patients to electronically access their health information. Many of the top industry players submitted commentary to The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Centers for… Read More »

When to read your blood pressure

The cuff deflates, make sure to not move suddenly or quickly. If your blood pressure is optimal, avoid any type of physical activity or exercise for 30 when to read your blood pressure before testing. American Society Of Hypertension – your blood pressure reading is ideal and healthy. If you are experiencing symptoms of chest pain,… Read More »

How to read nutrition labels for diabetics

And celery sticks. Though drinking fresh juice may have some benefits, but it’s still a saturated fat. Out with the rippled chips, there isn’t any research on coconut oil’s affect on people type 1 how to read nutrition labels for diabetics. Have corroborated this, the rodents also showed greater fat buildup and higher insulin resistance… Read More »