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Americans Lost Future Life-Years in 2020: How Much Life Was Lost Depends on the Color of One’s Skin

Some people remark about 2020 being a “lost year” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. That happens to be a true statement, sadly not in jest: in the U.S., life expectancy at birth fell by one full year over the first half of 2020 compared with 2019, to 77.8 years. In 2019, life expectancy… Read More »

How much sugar in diet ice tea

For black tea, try orange slices for a natural dose. Will take it back kn Diet Iced Tea. Best Sunscreens of How many carbs are in Diet Iced of sweetness. How much fiber is in. For green tea, he suggests mixing in some freshly brewed mint tea, then adding lemon. Search in. My FatSecret. Food… Read More »

6 Reasons Why You Might Be Peeing So Much

If you’re guzzling liter after liter of water during the day, you’re bound to take frequent trips to the bathroom. To some degree, this is good for you, because urinating literally flushes out your waste. But just how much is too much peeing? If you’re outside your normal realm for trips to the bathroom, you… Read More »

How much protein on primal diet

The Primal Diet involves a low carb eating plan consisting mostly of whole, organic foods and a lifestyle rubric for exercise, sleep, sunlight exposure, and mental health. Insects, fish, crustations and small much and reptiles are what we are primal adapted to eating. Given that the Protein Diet restricts processed foods while pushing whole foods… Read More »