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Coronavirus outbreak at German slaughterhouse infects more than 1,000 employees

FRANKFURT – More than 1,000 employees at German meat processing firm Toennies have tested positive for coronavirus, prompting local health authorities to order all 6,500 employees and their families to go into quarantine. The localized lockdown is a setback for Germany’s reopening strategy. Chancellor Angela Merkel had favored maintaining lockdown discipline for longer but eased… Read More »

No more silence: Confronting racism in medicine – Baylor College of Medicine News

As part of a new generation of healthcare workers tasked to provide care for everyone, regardless of race, gender, insurance status, or disability, medical professionals have a duty to support all forms of equality in health care. And yet, there is no shortage of stories of blatant racism in the healthcare setting from the point… Read More »

US primary health care can be cheaper and more equal. Here’s how. – CNN

Medical evidence has revealed that elderly people face an increased risk of dying from the disease, along with people of all ages who have chronic health issues, such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Among those with underlying conditions who are dying from the virus, a disproportionate number are living in poverty or are African American… Read More »

ELITE Star Ester Expósito Unveils Her Favourite Breakfast, Workout Routine & Lots More!

Photo Credits: Carlos Villarejo Ester Expósito is best known for her role in the Spanish series Elite, which she has starred in since 2018. She will be in Someone Has To Die from 2020. Since the show’s debut, Ester Expósito has played Carla, one of the most talked-about characters in the series. Women Fitness President joins the stunning beauty… Read More »

Coronavirus has infected more than 9,000 US health care workers, CDC says

NEW YORK – Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. Between 10 percent and 20 percent of U.S. coronavirus cases are health care workers, though they tended to be hospitalized at lower rates than other patients, officials reported Tuesday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported… Read More »

Israel benefiting from digital health structure, wellbeing text service for COVID-19 patients and more news briefs

ISRAEL BENEFITING FROM DIGITAL HEALTH STRUCTURE AMID COVID-19 OUTBREAK As countries across the world adapt their healthcare systems to accommodate the societal strictures necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic, Israel had benefitted from its already-thriving digital health infrastructure. Maccabi Healthcare Services, the country’s second-largest health maintenance organisation (HMO), was able to transfer all of its 5,000… Read More »