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Remdesivir Is a Scam Like Tamiflu

The most recent large-scale study from the World Health Organization shows remdesivir does not produce promised results. As I’ve covered in the past, there are numerous scientists who question the official story about the COVID-19 pandemic and the baseless fearmongering driving changes to worldwide behavior. Recently I shared a video interview in which British journalist… Read More »

Jennifer Lopez Birthday Special: The Reigning Queen of Hollywood Who Dominates the Fashion World Like No One Else (View Pics)

Even before Jennifer Lopez compelled Google to have an “image” section, courtesy her very famous Versace dress, she was making headlines for her bold and edgy fashion choices. J Lo is not made for conventional fashion and she has a natural inclination to stand apart from the rest. Her attempts though ravishing aren’t everyone’s cup… Read More »

What do asthma lungs look like

This narrows the space for air to move in and out of the lungs. Your healthcare provider will give you detailed instructions prior to the test. For the days following a flare-up, be sure to: Avoid your asthma triggers Monitor your symptoms or check you airways using a peak flow meter Airway Remodeling Poor asthma… Read More »