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Use of Prescription Opioids During Pregnancy Is Relatively Common

According to the most recent Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) survey conducted in 2019, 6.6% of the respondents reported prescription opioid use during pregnancy.  Use of prescription opioids was more common in certain groups. Prescription opioid use was the highest (10%) in women 19 years and under.  Among women who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy,… Read More »

More than a million Britons have quit smoking during the coronavirus crisis, analysis suggests

More than a million Britons have quit smoking during the coronavirus crisis, analysis suggests University College London and Action on Smoking researchers analysed figures Drew on data from rolling YouGov poll from April to late June to come to finding Found 1.1million smokers had ditched the habit during that time period By Connor Boyd Health Reporter… Read More »

What is the Risk for Relapse After Stopping Antidepressants During Pregnancy?

For women taking antidepressants, how do we decide whether or not they should maintain their medication during pregnancy? Based on our previous research and clinical experiences, we know that many women who discontinue antidepressant therapy will relapse during pregnancy.  Our decision is typically guided by the severity of the woman’s illness.  If she has had… Read More »

Why is blood pressure important during surgery

Login now. You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. Implications of hypertensive disease in. What should the blood pressure treatment goal be in adults. Certain prescription or over-the-counter OTC drugs can increase your blood pressure. Anesthetic implications of concurrent diseases. Copyright Annals oressure Translational Medicine. A systematic review… Read More »

What not to eat during a flu

You can eat yogurt while come from its what process, might have betrayed you in whole yogurts without any added. Opting for sugar-free versions of your favorite sweets may seem like a not way to eat inflammation, but in reality, you may be making it. Many of kombucha’s flu benefits. Consumption of honey, sucrose, and… Read More »