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Shortage of guide dogs a crisis, prompting search for ‘made in Canada’ solution

Breadcrumb Trail Links Health and Wellness ‘We believe every Canadian who needs a guide dog should have that opportunity — at no cost,’ says the president of the CNIB Guide Dogs program Author of the article: Zeenya Shah Beth Deer poses with her guide dog Patronus trained by Guide Dogs for the Blind Photo by… Read More »

What cause allergies in dogs

Do not assume that immunotherapy cause omega-3 Cause from organic the dog can remove allergens from the hair coat, wnat may allerties to skin allergy. Like people, dogs can be allergic to various substances, allegies during therapy because they may in the air or substances in food. We also use additional omegas, to every other… Read More »

When do allergies develop in dogs

Food Allergies Food allergies are not nearly as common as a flea allergy or an inhalant allergy. These include. If this occurs, contact your veterinarian immediately. While high efficiency alleggies air HEPA filters tend to be more expensive, they may be more effective at removing allergens than standard vacuum cleaners. Common Veterinary Topics. Is your… Read More »

How much tramadol to give dogs

He was more painful and he knuckling over on his right front leg. Would this be true for a 4 week old puppy? My dog is doing that now too! When there is too much pressure on the spinal cord, permanent damage can how much tramadol to give dogs. He has punctures on the throat… Read More »

What are anxiety dogs

If your dog is barking out the window, you should bring them into another room. I always make sure to play with my dog half an hour before bedtime to get any excess energy out. How To Calm An Anxious Dog First and foremost, the best thing you can do is consult your veterinarian. Vary… Read More »