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Anti-GBM (Goodpasture’s) Disease

On this page: What is anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease? Anti-GBM disease is a disorder in which your body’s immune system creates antibodies that attack your kidneys and lungs. As a result, you may develop one or both of these conditions glomerulonephritis—inflammation of the glomeruli, tiny units in your kidney that filter wastes and extra fluid from your… Read More »

Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn’t prove out in clinical trial

Historically, half or more of people with type 1 diabetes develop kidney disease, which frequently progresses to kidney failure requiring hemodialysis or a kidney transplant for survival. The high rate of this diabetic complication has dropped slightly in recent years, with the advent of better ways to control blood glucose (sugar) levels and improved blood… Read More »

Parkinson’s disease: Tracking brain iron levels ‘could be helpful for early diagnosis’

Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. The condition leads to a reduction in a chemical called dopamine in the brain, which governs the movement of the body. As a result, people with Parkinson’s tend to experience a number of symptoms related to movement,… Read More »