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Why COVID-19 Is Making Your Hair Fall Out

If your hair is falling out at an alarming rate, it could be yet another pandemic-related experience. Both the science world and the celebrity world have recently brought COVID-related hair loss into the spotlight. And it may confirm what you’re seeing in the mirror, your drain, your comb. Actress Alyssa Milano recently posted her COVID-related… Read More »

New model draws on hospital data to help health officials time COVID-19 lockdowns

Public health officials and elected leaders around the country have continued to relax and reinstate restrictions in response to swells of COVID-19 cases in their areas.  This past week, researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Texas at Austin released a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describing a new… Read More »

Has COVID-19 ended gyms as we know them? One fitness expert has seen the future, through Zoom

Article content continued COVID-19 has made us rethink what it is we get out of going to the gym. It’s not simply access to equipment — if it were, people spending thousands of dollars a year on cycling classes could opt instead for a stationary bike and get it done at home. “People need to be… Read More »

How COVID-19 causes smell loss

Temporary loss of smell, or anosmia, is the main neurological symptom and one of the earliest and most commonly reported indicators of COVID-19. Studies suggest it better predicts the disease than other well-known symptoms such as fever and cough, but the underlying mechanisms for loss of smell in patients with COVID-19 have been unclear. Now,… Read More »

Support grows for deliberately exposing vaccine trial subjects to COVID-19, with Oxford team leading the way

Article content It began as a proposal on the fringes of science: deliberately exposing people to COVID-19 to speed up development of vaccines, even though there’s no sure-fire treatment for the potentially lethal bug. But the controversial idea of so-called challenge trials to test coronavirus shots seems to be picking up steam, with one huge… Read More »