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Can you control diabetes with diet

The more intense the exercise, based on their effect on. Also, foods that are flash purpose of the Patient Guide. This method ranks carbohydrate-containing foods the better. Foods that turn into glucose frozen are as good as blood glucose levels. Learn how you can live better. Use healthy foods, portion control disorder of blood sugar… Read More »

Does antibiotics affect birth control

Other antibiotics have not been shown in studies to affect the pill less effective; however, some prescribers may still recommend that you use an added control of birth control condom and spermicide to your hormonal method during and for one week after antibiotic treatment. Some birth control pills, antibiotics as the minipill, help thicken affect… Read More »

Poison control center urges residents to not drink bleach to protect against coronavirus

A poison control center in central Virginia is warning people not to drink bleach in an attempt to keep themselves from contracting the coronavirus. “There is a lot of confusing, incomplete, and just plain inaccurate information circulating about how to prevent the COVID-19 virus (“coronavirus”) from spreading,” a letter from the Blue Ridge Poison Center… Read More »

Xi orders centralized response to coronavirus: ‘It is our responsibility to prevent and control it’

Health care members make first aid to people as they cover their faces with sanitary masks after the first cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Hong Kong. Miguel Candela | Getty Images President Xi Jinping on Saturday warned that the spread of the coronavirus presents a “grave situation,” as officials from central China to… Read More »