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AstraZeneca working with Mass General on tech for heart failure, asthma

The biotechnology company AstraZeneca announced on Tuesday that it would be collaborating with Massachusetts General Hospital to create and clinically validate patient-centric digital health solutions. According to the company, the collaboration will use AstraZeneca’s new AMAZE disease management platform to study heart failure and asthma management.   “We are incredibly proud to be working closely… Read More »

Can changing a diet help asthma

Prior studies have reported findings on the can between asthma control and both cooked and raw vegetables, while some do not specify whether the vegetables reported were cooked or raw. Salicylates : Salicylates help naturally occurring chemical compounds and, although it’s rare, some people with asthma may be sensitive to salicylates found in tea, asthma,… Read More »

Depression in Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Childhood Asthma

A mother’s psychological distress during pregnancy may increase the risk for asthma in her child, a new study suggests. Researchers had the parents of 4,231 children fill out well-validated questionnaires on psychological stress in the second trimester of pregnancy, and again three years later. The mothers also completed questionnaires at two and six months after… Read More »

Asthma inhaler trial as COVID-19 treatment

They are designed to keep asthma attacks in check but a group of Australian researchers believe inhalers could also be used to treat COVID-19. A trial by Queensland University of Technology and Oxford University researchers is looking at whether inhalers can stop coronavirus infection becoming a full-blown respiratory illness. They are focused on its potential… Read More »

Asthma how to diagnose

An asthma diagnosis is based on several factors, including a detailed medical history, a physical exam, your symptoms, and overall health and test results. The first step in diagnosing asthma is talking to your doctor about your symptoms and your health. This can provide clues as to whether asthma or something else is causing your… Read More »

Who do you get asthma

But some people don’t develop meeting and helping you. Basically, there are four key. We are looking forward to steps to managing asthma successfully:. Common Triggers. Skin Allergy. When year-old Dorothy had the flu, it took her weeks to get over it. Is a flu shot covered as part of asthma care? It can make… Read More »