Sorbitol for keto diet

By | August 3, 2020

sorbitol for keto diet

Among all of the sweeteners that have been extensively studied, stevia seems to be the most promising from a health improvement perspective. Glucose is naturally occurring in our bodies, but fructose is not. One way to compare the effects of these sweeteners is their glycemic index GI, which is a measure of how quickly foods can raise your blood sugar 8. It also contains “silicon dioxide” which is considered safe. How about something like Berocca effervescent food supplement. When it comes to aspartame, there is conflicting evidence but the vast majority of pro-aspartame studies are industry-funded which always raises questions about their credibility.

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We use a variety of sweeteners in our keto recipes, none of them will throw you out of ketosis. All of the sweeteners and sugar substitutes that we use in our recipes are natural and healthier than sugar. Both artificial and natural sweeteners have varied intensities and flavors. Erythritol along with erythritol blends is our most used sweetener in cooking; we keep plenty of it on hand due to its easiness on the stomach, and clean sweetness no aftertaste. Erythritol is a keto-friendly sweetener that we use liberally in our recipes particularly in our low-carb desserts that require a crumbly consistency. While we can tell slight variances in the taste of desserts with erythritol vs. Just that there is a slight difference. It would be Erythritol.

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