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Transparency watchdog criticizes STAT’s non-disclosure on pro-Pharma op-ed

Should publications that post op-ed pieces tell us more about who wrote the op-ed and what their potential biases and conflicts of interest might be? I’m in the camp that answers a resounding YES. Till Bruckner is, too. He writes for Transparify, an organization that rates “the financial transparency of major think tanks.” He is… Read More »

Readers and Tweeters Dispense Timely Advice for Difficult Times

Letters to the Editor is a periodic feature. We welcome all comments and will publish a selection. We edit for length and clarity and require full names. How to Explain Vaccines to People Who Resist Them Here is an attempt to write something that might convince people who resist getting vaccinations (“Vaccine Hesitancy vs. Vaccine Refusal: Nursing Home… Read More »

‘I had to choose between having a baby and treating my endometriosis’

It’s often dismissed as nothing more than a ‘bad period’ or ‘women’s troubles’ — yet endometriosis is one of the most commonly seen gynaecological conditions, causing a considerable negative impact on quality of life for women worldwide. n Ireland alone, one in 10 women are living with the chronic disorder, with an average wait time… Read More »

Ask the Doctor: D. Todd Detar, DO, Answers Questions about Osteopathic Medicine and His Role in the Community

D. Todd Detar, DO Q. What attracted you to medicine? A. While studying health education at the University of Delaware, a college sports injury ended my life’s dream of becoming an NFL player. One of my coaches saw an opportunity for me to work as a trainer for the Philadelphia Phillies, and over time, I… Read More »