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Can Medical Tourism Ever Be Romantic?

Can Medical Tourism Ever Be Romantic? Can Medical Tourism Ever Be Romantic? Think of cosmetic surgery procedures such as nose jobs, facelifts and hair transplants, and romance is not the first thing that springs to mind! However, there is a growing trend of couples using medical tourism packages abroad, such as those provided by London-based MedAway… Read More »

Florida teen dies of mono after she initially tested negative and it triggered a STROKE 

Florida teen, 17, dies of mono after she initially tested negative for the ‘kissing disease’ that triggered a STROKE Ariana Rae Delfs, 17, from Fernandina Beach, Florida, came down with flu-like symptoms three weeks ago Her parents took her to see a doctor, who ran several tests, including for mononucleosis, but couldn’t pinpoint a diagnosis After… Read More »

Food labels with caloric costs in exercise could lead to healthier choices

(Reuters Health) – Consumers might make healthier choices if food labels showed how many minutes of walking or running was needed to burn off calories, instead of just a calorie number, a new study suggests. Pooled data from 14 randomized trials showed that labels with activity times induced consumers to cut back nearly 65 calories… Read More »

Nihon Kohden’s New Patient Monitor for Outpatient Clinics

Nihon Kohden’s U.S. division, itself based in Tokyo, Japan, is launching a new vital signs monitor specifically designed to extend monitoring capabilities to outpatient facilities and to patient beds that typically wouldn’t have continuous vital signs monitors. The device lets clinicians quickly take readings on blood oxygenation, blood pressure, and patient temperature and, if they… Read More »