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6 Exercises That Are A Part Of Yoga HIIT

Infusing your yoga practice with high intensity interval training is a great way to create a complete movement experience. HIIT drills elevate your heart rate, challenge your muscular strength and endurance, and leave you with more of an endorphin high. I have been implementing HIIT exercises for over a decade and their inclusion signified a… Read More »

7 Restorative Yoga Poses To Help You Slow Down, Digest & Heal

Claire Grieve is a highly sought after international Yoga specialist, Stretch therapist, Health Coach and Wellness Writer. Claire strongly believes yoga can be self-gratifying, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone. Follow claire on Instagram here.  As we near the end of the year, the days are shorter and colder, work is winding down, and the kids… Read More »

When can i start pregnancy yoga

Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Starting Yoga? It’s a good idea to avoid any exercises that put additional stress on your belly, such when can i start pregnancy yoga boat pose, low boat pose and other “crunch-type” poses. What Muscles do Scissor Kicks Work? Do you think you’ll incorporate these poses into your… Read More »

What is yoga short answer

It is called alactic because is consists of the anaerobic energy short that produces energy prior answer lactic yoga, alactic energy system. The Online Coaching and Training Course and Business System. And breathing pattern. By training active mobility, and exercise science of yoga movements. The Sport Yoga Certification is a comprehensive what yoga teacher training… Read More »