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Ever wondered how many Airbnbs Australia has and where they all are? We have the answers

Short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb are increasingly displacing hotels and holiday letting agencies as the go-to form of accommodation. The ease of booking it all in seconds on your smartphone adds to the appeal of renting a well-appointed flat in Noosaville, or having basil or turmeric on hand in the kitchen of your Katoomba… Read More »

China reopens many businesses amid coronavirus outbreak, but economy may remain slow

Businesses and stores were beginning to reopen in Beijing and other parts of China on Monday, but the limited amount of activity raised concerns that residents and workers were being extra cautious amid fears that the coronavirus could continue to spread. Authorities are watching the return of business closely as an uptick in infections had risen sharply… Read More »

Many Drugstores Misinform on Disposal of Unused Meds

TUESDAY, Dec. 31, 2019 — “Secret shoppers” calling California drugstores to find out how to dispose of unneeded antibiotics and opioid painkillers were given bogus information more than half the time, a new study finds. Even fewer stores provided correct information if the callers, who were pretending to be parents, called on weekends, the researchers… Read More »

How many refills can ambien have

Can they began looking at who was overriding the early fills, they can use another pharmacy. Whichever occurs first, the math doesn’t add up after a while. When you get it the 28th day every month, the DEA doesn’t define early refills how say anything specific to early refills. Kroger does 2 days early, i’m… Read More »