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The Week That Wasn’t in COVID-19: Centenarian Survives, High-Risk Blood Types

What your doctor is reading on Medscape.com: MARCH 20, 2020 — This week the internet was inundated with coronavirus stories. Among many others, headlines cheered for a centenarian who survived the disease, and warned that COVID-19 might be a bigger problem for those with blood type A. Here’s why you didn’t see those stories on Medscape.… Read More »

Six patients with rare blood disease are doing well after gene therapy clinical trial

Sarah C.P. Williams  UCLA researchers are part of an international team that reported the use of a stem cell gene therapy to treat nine people with the rare, inherited blood disease known as X-linked chronic granulomatous disease, or X-CGD. Six of those patients are now in remission and have stopped other treatments. Before now, people… Read More »

High blood pressure: Enjoy a daily cup of this hot beverage may reduce your reading

Blood measurement takes into account how much blood is passion through the blood vessels and the amount of resistance the blood meets while the heart is pumping. Narrow arteries increase resistance and the narrower the arteries are, the higher the blood pressure will be. Over the long term, increased pressure can cause health issues including… Read More »