Why are chlamydia formed

These results raise the question: what proportion of clinically diagnosed PID is accompanied by an underlying macroscopic salpingitis? Inclusion conjunctivitis is a milder inflammatory conjunctival infection with purulent discharge. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Effective treatment can cure gonorrhea and help prevent long-term complications. The Journal of pediatrics ; Dec 15, Genital infections are… Read More »

African mango can use you

Find out if this is the quick fix you’ve been waiting for! You may have seen the news about African Mango on those pop up ads or featured on the Dr. Oz Show. So what exactly is all the buzz about, and can it really help you lose weight? This weight-loss supplement, made from extracts… Read More »

Concerns rise that the system for diagnosing epidemics is failing

Bloomberg—How big is the coronavirus outbreak? A lot bigger than we were initially told, it turns out. On Thursday, confirmed cases of Covid-19 in China’s Hubei Province—the epidemic’s epicenter—jumped by almost 15,000. It’s not that there was a sudden wave of new infections. Rather, the increase reflects a change in how China counts patients; it… Read More »